THE EARTHLINGS are a rock n’ roll band with a modern flair.  They blend vocal harmonies, synthesizer and an eclectic mix of the genre into a melodic, dynamic and uplifting sound.  They are prolific writers and creators of original and delightful compositions of sound which they perform with passion, energy and crowd-pleasing excitement.  Composed of five members who are local area residents, THE EARTHLINGS have become a well known and loved Madison nouveau classic rock n’ roll band playing at venues such as The Frequency, The High Noon, The Bos Meadery, The Fountain, The North Street Cabaret, Mickey’s Tavern and many others.  They have played at Summerfest, Bratfest, Art Fair on the Square as well as in many benefit and fundraising events at The World Pub, the High Noon and local outdoor park musical events in the Madison area.  The Earthlings have released on their own Brainplate label three full-length CDs, “Earth” and “Tides” and “Lings”, and two shorter length CDs, “Beacon” and their latest “Akashic Record” released in September 2017.