Earth to Clark is a conscious, organically formed, high energy band based out of Beloit, WI. Members include Adam Gasser (Guitar/Vocals) Ariana Hartgraves (Vocals/Tambourine) Greg Boyer (Lead Guitar) Bassel Saad (Bass) Zak Radewan (Percussion/Synth) Mark Atkinson (Drums) They blend a wide variety of musical styling’s. Based around Funkedelic Rock Reggae Hippie Hip-hop; their positive, thought provoking lyrics are inspired by many travels, hardships, poverty and growing experiences. They touch on everything from homelessness, domestic abuse, governmental corruption and pollution to the power of positivity and learning to love. They also bring beautiful, flowing guitar riffs that are strategically designed and placed to amaze, open hearts and minds one note at a time. This is all brought together by powerful female backing vocals and a solid rhythm and synth section that provides a fresh experience for lovers of all music.
Earth to Clark has played with bands such as The Wailers, Tribal Seeds, Satsang, Chances are Good, Spare Change Trio and many more. They are dedicated to create social change in their community. Once a year they organize an event in their hometown called The Stateline Peace Rally. In a short the purpose of the Rally is to build bridges for the youth and to help them find their passions through live music, art, information tables, non profit organizations and workshops. Also 4 out of the 6 members live in a community house they call The Clark Manor where they host monthly house shows to PROMOTE PEACE in their community and to create it in the same sense. The mission is to spread love and peace using instruments of truth.